What was that loud boom? Likely Tannerite

If you look at local social networking accounts, you may often see residents of Sioux Falls asking “Did anybody else hear that loud boom?” on a regular basis. Police sometimes get called for these noises because people often think it was a bomb. However, chances are the loud boom was caused by Tannerite.

What is Tannerite?

Tannerite is a brand of firearms target that explodes when impacted with a high-velocity bullet. The purpose is to indicate to the shooter that the target has been hit. As you would imagine, it also makes target practice a little more fun.

It’s common to hear Tannerite explosions on the South side of Sioux Falls in Lincoln County where there are many farms nearby. It’s completely legal for Tannerite to be used on these properties, though it has been debated whether it violates residential noise ordinances.






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