Unique Things to do in Sioux Falls

When I first moved to Sioux Falls from Chicago, my sister payed me a visit. I was given the task of showing her what the city had to offer. I wanted to show her some unique things that only Sioux Falls had to offer. I failed miserably. I just didn’t know any unique places to take her.

Since that first visit from my sister, I’ve gotten to know the city much better and came up with some great ideas for unique things to do for any tourist. Let me be your personal guide to our great city with this list of unique things to do in Sioux Falls.


Pettigrew House

f you want a true history of Sioux Falls and how it was built, this is the place. The home was built in 1889 and owned by R.F. Pettigrew, a huge promoter of Sioux Falls during it’s early years. The home has been restored to the way it looked in the 1920′s when Pettigrew lived there.

Old Courthouse Museum

The first Courthouse in the area. Viewing this building alone is breathtaking enough. Within its walls you’ll find exhibits that are rotated regularly. Some of them interesting, others not so much. See what exhibits they have going on by visiting their exhibits page.


Queen Bee Mill Ruins

Falls Park

You have to see the falls this town was named after. The falls at Falls Park can be spectacular when frozen or overflowing, or dull when in the middle of a drought.

Falls Park has more than just The Falls though. The park is also home to historic sites such as The Queen Bee Mill ruins, a Horse Barn built in the 1800s, and the Light and Power Company Building, which is utilized now as a cafe.

There is also Levitt at the Falls that offers free concerts during the Summer.

McKennan Park

Sioux Falls’ premier park is surrounded with beautiful homes and is filled with things to look at from it’s garden of flowers to its “Potato Man” Sculpture.

Augustana Heritage Park

If you enjoy learning about some history of the area, Augustana has moved and preserved some notable buildings from their original locations and placed them in Heritage Park.

You’ll get to read about and see historic buildings from the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s such as The Beaver Creek Lutheran Church, The Berdahl-Rolvaag House, The Eggers School House, and The Rolvaag Writing Cabin.

Augustana also offers tours of the buildings during the Summer months.


Powder House Blast Historical Marker

Historical Markers

There are over 100 historical markers in the area. Each one provides a story about the history of the nearby land. Grab a copy of the checklist and see how many you can find.

South Dakota State Penitentiary

Built in 1881 before South Dakota achieved statehood, the penitentiary is a beautiful historic building that sets atop high land where you can see great views of the city. The prison doesn’t offer tours since it’s still used to hold the state’s most dangerous criminals. But you can have a look at the outside of the building. Also maybe consider visiting The Pioneer Memorial and The Amidon Affair Monument just up the road.



Sioux Falls Stampede

Sioux Falls have any major sports teams, but we have a few professional teams. You may even see a future or former star playing for our NBA affiliated basketball team.


Downtown Sioux Falls

Phillips Avenue

If the weather permits, a walk up and down Phillips Avenue between 8th and 12th streets is a must! Shop at boutiques like Zandbros and Urban Archaeology. Sit down for a bit and have a beer at Stogeez or coffee at Coffea.

Washington Pavilion

The Washington Pavilion has historic, art, and educational exhibits. They also have performances and events regularly.

Beer Breweries

If you’re down for a good brew, Sioux Falls doesn’t disappoint. Just take a look at our guide to local breweries. Two breweries stand out from the field and are conveniently located Downtown. Woodgrain Brewing Co. which offers some of the yummiest beers you could ever have and Fernson Brewing Co. which offers a great food menu to go with your brew.

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