The Tallest Buildings in Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls isn’t known for its tall buildings. But it’s certainly interesting to know which are the tallest. After some research, I have compiled this list.

#1 Cathedral of St. Joseph

St. Joseph Cathedral

With its spires standing 215 feet tall, the Cathedral of St.Joseph is the tallest building in Sioux Falls. Some argue that the spires don’t count. We disagree! I mean, you can technically climb to the top on a ladder and look out the windows!

#2 CenturyLink Tower

CenturyLink Tower

CenturyLink Tower stands 174 tall on the corner of Minnesota and 12th Street. Some will say this is the true tallest building in Sioux Falls and all of South Dakota. Many also say that it is the ugliest.

The building plays a role in telecommunication history for Sioux Falls. A portion of this building used to be the original telephone exchange building that serviced the city. However, that portion was torn down in 2011 and replaced with a parking lot.

#3 Old Courthouse Museum

Old Courthouse Museum

The clock tower of the beautiful Old Courthouse Museum stands 165 feet high. Built in 1889, it was the original courthouse and is now a public museum.

#4 Hotel on Phillips

Hotel on Phillips

Formerly the Great Western Tower, the Hotel on Phillips building stands 142 feet tall. Not only is it Sioux Falls’ 4th tallest building, but you can also visit the pretty cool looking lobby, complete with an old bank safe.

#5 U.S. Bank Building

U.S. Bank Building

Another ugly building that doesn’t match the Downtown skyline. The US Bank building stands 141 feet high. It was built in 1965 and was originally known as the National Bank of South Dakota building. It also housed the South Dakota Regional Office of Small Business Administration on the 4th floor at the time.