The Best Restaurants in Downtown Sioux Falls

Whether you’re visiting from out of town, want to entertain somebody, or just want something different, this list of best restaurants in Downtown Sioux Falls should help you find the right place.

#1 – The Market

The different menu every week makes you feel like you are attending an event you just can’t miss. Put it together with wine and an outdoor patio that makes you feel like you’re in the center of the city and you’ve got a great place to eat in Downtown Sioux Falls.

#2 – Remedy Brewing

If you like craft beer, you have to visit this place. Visitors have raved about how they are glad they found this spot. Enjoy a beer and Pork Slider while sitting in the shade on their patio.

#3 – Jacky’s

From the outside, Jacky’s doesn’t look like much. But once inside, you’ll enjoy the cozy digs along with the best in Guatemalan foods. Try the wet burrito or a fish taco.

#4 – Parker’s Bistro

Friendly staff really make this place stand out as well as the cool building once occupied by a local stone cutter. Enjoy the outdoor patio out on Main Street, 1 block away from the hustle and bustle of Phillips Ave.







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