Wedding and Reception Venues in the Sioux Falls Area

Looking for ideas on where to hold a wedding and reception in the Sioux Falls and surrounding area? As a wedding planner, I have been to nearly all possible locations around town. I have even had to pick a place for my own wedding. Here is my list of the best places for a wedding and reception around Sioux Falls.

Top 5

#1 – Meadow Barn – Harrisburg, SD

Meadow Barn

Absolutely stunning location in Harrisburg featuring an apple orchard. This place seats a maximum of 400 guests and is conveniently located not far from Interstate 29. They have nice spots on site for both an outdoor or indoor wedding ceremony.

#2 – Calico Skies Vineyard – Inwood, IA

This ended up being my second choice for my own wedding. Gorgeous setting and breathtaking building located away from the “big city”. The view feels like you’re up in the sky looking across the beautiful prairie. Also, they have wine!

#3 – McKennan Park – Sioux Falls

A beautiful and historic park located in the middle of the city. Why spend money on flowers and decor? McKennan Park has all the flowers and decor you need. This option can accommodate a wedding of almost any size. Wedding reservation information can be viewed on the City of Sioux Falls website.

#4 – Old Courthouse Museum – Sioux Falls

A beautiful, historic building built in 1893 that features hardwood floors, grand staircase, paintings, and stained glass. There are so many things are in this building for your wedding guests to look at.

#5 – Brandon Holiday Inn – Brandon, SD

Good pricing. A great choice for bigger weddings. Convenient for guests as it’s connected to a hotel and extremely close to Interstate 90.

More Sioux Falls Area Wedding Venues

I hope this list helped you with your choice of wedding venue. Share it in the Comments section below. What place did you pick for your wedding or reception?

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  1. Calico Skies is the best. I have attended several weddings there and it was always a blast! The Great Plains Zoo was a good spot if you’re on a budget.

    Great list!

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