Best Restaurants in Sioux Falls that Deliver Food

Whether you’re hungry while sick, caring for a child, or just plain feeling lazy, Sioux Falls has a wide selection of places that deliver food.

Third-party Services


BiteSquad partners with a plethora of local restaurants and provides delivery services for them. Favorites are Firehouse Subs, Giliberto’s, and Backyard Grill.

I prefer BiteSquad over the other services because you can track exactly where your delivery driver is located once they grab your food.


Similar to BiteSquad and FoodDudes, they will run to many of the same restaurants. They are the preferred services if you crave chain fast food. They provide delivery services for KFC, Hardee’s, Starbucks, and McDonald’s.


The original food delivery contractor in the area. They provide deliver and superb customer service. Have them bring you some Jacky’s Guatemalan, HuHot, Cody’s BBQ, Carnaval Brazilian and many more.

Pizza & Chicken

Of course, there are tons of options in Sioux Falls for pizza delivery. This list is narrowed to our personal preferences.


With locations on both the East and West sides, Boss’s has great delivery coverage. They also are a great option for late night.

Pizza Ranch

Tons of locations around town. Pizza and chicken isn’t too bad. Quick delivery too.

Pizza Man

The best thin crust you can get in town. I miss their East Side location, but they are still around on the West Side.

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