Where do Sioux Falls Street Names Come From?

During the Summer months of 1887, a man by the name of Ralph Jaybush kept pestering the Sioux Falls City Council about affixing addresses to buildings. Finally on July 2, action was taken. Ninth Street and Phillips Avenue was deemed the center of the city and the place where numbering would begin. It was also deemed that streets shall run East and West and avenues shall run North and South.

I contacted Daniel Neeves at Siouxland Libraries to assist me in learning about the history of some of the street names. He contacted the Sioux Falls Street Naming Committee. To my surprise, he found that there is no history maintained on street names.

Most street names are selected by the original land developer. Street names must satisfy specific criteria. If the criteria is satisfied, then the name is allowed. The City does not require an explanation of why the name was selected. Nor does the City maintain a history of why a private land developer selected the name.

Despite there being no official records on street names, I was able to research and find a few resources that detailed the origin of some street names in Sioux Falls. Here are a few.

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Where Can I Cash a Check?

I moved from Chicago to Sioux Falls 10 years ago for a new job. When I was given a paycheck by my new employer, I realized that I didn’t have a bank account for cashing checks.

I searched for a check cashing place and quickly realized that Sioux Falls does not have the plethora of street corner check cashing places like many other cities.

I wondered how I was going to cash my check. So I researched it and became a bit of an expert on the subject. I hope this post helps others.

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What was that loud boom? Likely Tannerite

If you look at local social networking accounts, you may often see residents of Sioux Falls asking “Did anybody else hear that loud boom?” on a regular basis. Police sometimes get called for these noises because people often think it was a bomb. However, chances are the loud boom was caused by Tannerite.

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