Where to Meet New People in Sioux Falls

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Whether you’re new to the Sioux Falls area or just looking for a new clique, there are plenty of places in the city to meet new people. When I moved from Chicago to Sioux Falls years ago, I initially had trouble meeting new people. Over the years though, I have discovered quite a few ways and places to meet new people.

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Best Spots for a First Date

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It’s quite a challenge to find the perfect spot for a first date. You don’t want to spend too much money, but you want a place that’s enjoyable. You want to appear sophisticated, but not snobby. I’ve been there and done that. Here’s the places I recommend for that special first date in Sioux Falls.

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Sioux Falls Ordinances you Didn’t Know About

After moving to Sioux Falls from Chicago 12 years ago, I’m still getting used to all of the new laws and ordinances for the city and South Dakota. After browsing through some of the ordinances, I was a little shocked by some of them. I think I might be guilty of violating a few of these. Here are some of the ones that stuck out as local ordinances you may not know about.

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