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While searching for a job in Sioux Falls, it has taken me a while to learn what works and what doesn’t. Some websites work better than others. Sioux Falls has jobs, it’s just a matter of finding the best method to get one.

I thought I would share my own personal experience with job hunting in Sioux Falls and provide a list of the best resources that worked for me when I looked to find jobs in Sioux Falls.

1. CareerBuilder

This site seems to be the most commonly used by businesses in Sioux Falls. It had way more job listings than any other site, and provided an excellent interface for applying to multiple jobs.

2. SimplyHired

A search engine for jobs. SimplyHired grabs jobs from various sources and provides them all on one site. The only problem is that you cannot simply browse listings like you can on a site like CareerBuilder. You have to know exactly what to search for.

3. Indeed

Indeed is pretty much the same as SimplyHired. I wasn’t able to find as many jobs with Indeed as I could with SimplyHired, but there were a few listings that came up in searches that I didn’t see anywhere else. That makes it worth giving a try.

4. Individual Employer Websites

Some businesses don’t bother to list their job openings anywhere else but their own website. Applying directly via employer websites is a great way to grab an edge over others who don’t bother to dig to find opportunities. You can find a nice list of top Sioux Falls employers at the Sioux Falls Development website.

5. Local Website Options

Sioux Falls has a bunch of companies competing for the job listing niche. None of them really helped me all that much, but I listed a few of them just in case you’d like to give them a try.

6. Sioux Falls Job Seekers Facebook Group

A network of people both looking to hire and be hired. Just post what you’re looking for, and you’re very likely to get some help.

With these options, you should be well on your way to find jobs in Sioux Falls. Of course, some jobs may require a different approach. Some retail, manufacturing and restaurant jobs often can be grabbed by simply walking in and asking for an application. Careers in tech jobs can be found with the options listed above as well as sites like

Construction is booming in Sioux Falls right now. I have been told by many in construction that if you find a work-site and show up in the morning with boots, you will often be hired on the spot.

I hope this list helps you as it has helped me. If you have anything to add, please leave a comment below. Happy job hunting!






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  1. Joseph VanKemp Avatar
    Joseph VanKemp

    thank you!!! the job seekers site helped me land an interview. would not have know about it without this page.

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