The Best Food Trucks in Sioux Falls

Summer is the time to find a food truck and eat on the street. Here is the lineup you’ll find in Sioux Falls this Summer.

The Lunch Box

I love “mystery” food trucks. The Lunch Box features a menu that changes periodically.


Everywhere. Check the Lunchboxsufu Facebook page for locations and menus.

Berkes BBQ

Brats, brisket, pulled pork and some interesting options such as BBQ tacos.


Commonly near Esurance @ 3509 N. Louise. Check the Berkes BBQ Facebook page or @BerkesBBQ on Twitter to see where they are.

Taqueria Sanchez

Authentic Mexican food. Aurelio Sanchez offers up tacos and burritos as well as fresh pineapple and horchata juice.


1212 E 10th St. is their regular location Monday through Friday. The truck usually is at a special event on Saturday and Sunday. Visit the Taqueria Sanches Facebook page for more information.

Hunny & Bunny

Offering deep fried delights such as Fish n’ Chips, Chicken Strips, and Steak Chicken.


They have been everywhere. Downtown, Harrisburg, and the city outskirts. Check the Hunny & Bunny Facebook page for updates.

Windy City Bites

I believe this might be the only place within 100 miles where you can grab an Italian Beef or Pizza Puff. If you’ve never tried an Italian Beef, you owe it to yourself to have one.

This truck hits the Chicago basics perfectly. Not only do they have Italian Beef and Pizza Puffs, they also have Chicago Vienna Beef hot dogs and Gyros.


Usually at 114 N Indiana Ave. Have a look at their Facebook page for more information.

KK & Sons LAO & Thai Food

Really the only place you can get genuine Thai food in Sioux Falls such as egg rolls, spring rolls, fried chicken, and more.


Just starting out. They have stated they will be open 6 days a week. Visit the KK & Sons LAO & Thai Food Facebook page to see where they are.

Breaking Burrito

Possibly the best named food truck ever! Breaking Burrito offers burritos, tacos, and a plethora of other Mexican delights.


They cook up stuff wherever the authorities won’t find them. Check the Breaking Burrito Facebook page.

We will add more food trucks to this list as information becomes available.