Cherapa Place Building

Things to Do in SuFu: Cherapa Place

You can easily spend an entire afternoon at Cherapa Place. The area has a little bit of everything. There’s an area where you can walk along beautifully manicured prairie, the Sioux Falls Arc of Dreams, and it’s conveniently located next to the river walk.

Sioux Falls Arc of Dreams
Cherapa Place is the perfect place to park your car and get up close and personal with the Arc of Dreams.

The site was once the site of the Zip Feed Mill, made famous by the biggest Sioux Falls fail of all time. Locals gathered near the site and in front of their TV sets to watch a live implosion of the mill. The attempted demolition only resulted in tilting the structure and left most of it intact. Video of the attempted demolition went viral on the Internet. The mill had to be removed the old fashioned way to clear way for Cherapa Place.

Plaques located along the river detail the area’s rich industrial history.

You can read about the Zip Feed Mill and the rich industrial history of the area on several tablets installed by the Minnehaha Historical Society along the river walk. You can also find a bit of history inside the Cherapa Place building. There’s an old street sign, old maps, and historical photos. The Ode to Food & Drinks restaurant offers solid dishes, beer, and wine and has a wonderful outdoor patio where you can relax while taking in the scenery.

Train enthusiasts will greatly appreciate the site. The An old rail line used to run through the property. The old train depot still remains, and is used by the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation. The rail bridge has been restored and allows for pedestrians to cross the river, or a place to just stand and watch the river current.