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Best Motorcycle Routes Near Sioux Falls

Roads, roads everywhere and not a twistie in sight.

The Great Plains of eastern South Dakota might not be quite as empty as Utah’s Salt Flats, but when riding motorcycle it can certainly feel like it. To add to that we have a nice, easy to navigate, grid style road pattern that works great for normal driving but just isn’t quite as fun to throttle around on two wheels. There’s a reason the annual Sturgis Rally is held on the other side of the state, but if a 10 hour round trip isn’t in this weekend’s plans there’s still some closer roads that might fulfill that itch. These routes will still have plenty of straights but that’s a bit unavoidable in these parts.

  • Newton Hills – CLOSED DUE TO FLOODING – 5/15/19
  • Madison via Montrose
  • Future routes: Yankton, Sioux City, SW Minnesota loop.

Safe riding, and keep the shiny side up!

Newton Hills Route – CLOSED DUE TO FLOODING 5/15/19

One of the tightest twistie’s around is just south of Canton. It’s not a long trek but make sure you’ve got enough 91 to make it through as the towns along the way won’t have what you’re looking for.

This route will start with a few wide curves as it gains a bit of height. Then the fun starts as it dumps you into Newton Hills. You can duck off into the state park if you want a slow but pretty ride through some trees, or just keep going until you find the stop sign at 288th St. Head east and you’ll find a few more curves before the next stop sign just South of Fairview. Here you have a few options. You can go back the way you came, and twist through Newton Hills a few times; or you could head north through Fairview and get a decent view of the Big Sioux River from the bridge just north of town. After taking in the view head west past Inspiration Hills to get back to Canton via some relaxed, sweeping curves.

However, my preferred route is to head south. After a bit of straight but steep hills and two wide curves you’ll find yourself in Hudson, SD. Once there pop into Waddy’s for some food or just drink your lunch with one of their fantastic Bloody Mary’s. Pick either route back to Canton as you really can’t go wrong.

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Madison Route

If tonight’s supper calls for a meal with a lakeside view then tripping up to Madison can make a great afternoon motorcycle trip. It’s possible to rock through it after work if you don’t mind coming back in the dark, but if you can get going earlier you might have time for a final pint closer to home.

Flying J is the perfect spot to gas up if you plan to stay off interstate. Start west on North 60th/Highway 38 until you reach Montrose. Head through town and you’ll curve back east but will need to turn north on Valley road immediately after the creek. The next 7 miles will be mostly straight with a few slight bends but don’t miss the turn when you’re thinking a good one is coming. If you do you’ll be headed west, and very straight. Instead, turn north again to take the 15 miles of curves ending with two long sweeping arcs. Go to the 2nd stop sign and head east into Madison. From here you can find somewhere in to eat. I like to make my way along the south of the lakes to Shipwreck Bar and Grill because I know they have a patio facing the lake. After grabbing a bite, and maybe a brew, you can either scoot back to Sioux Falls on I29 or head south on 464th Ave. Choosing the latter will put you on the east side of Hartford in about a half hour. If time’s on your side stop into Buffalo Ridge brewing for an end of the night pint.

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