Indoor Playgrounds For Kids

Sioux Falls is a cold place during the Winter. Where can you take your toddlers to run off some steam when it’s cold? Here are some great indoor playgrounds for the kids to enjoy when the weather doesn’t permit play outside.

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Things to Do in SuFu: Visit the Tri-State Marker

Tri-State Marker

If you drive just outside the East side of the city, you’re sure to have a pleasant drive through South Dakota’s best looking prairie. If you venture out about 10 miles outside of city limits to the town of Valley Springs, South Dakota, there is a point where the states of South Dakota, Iowa, and Minnesota meet. The Tri-State Marker marks this spot.

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Things to Do in SuFu: Visit The Bridge at Iverson Crossing

Bridge at Iverson Crossing

Almost any old bridge would have a story to tell if they could talk. The Bridge at Iverson Crossing in Brandon, South Dakota is no different. The bridge was built in 1897 as a replacement to a different bridge that was washed out 8 years prior due to a flood. The bridge allowed travelers from the East to get across the Big Sioux River on Iverson Road to Sioux Falls.

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Things to Do in SuFu: Visit Antique Row

Antiques Header

Sioux Falls has its share of antique stores spread across the city. But if you’re looking to get a large amount of antique shopping done in a short amount of time, head to the southern tip of the city near Interstate 29 and 271st Street. There, you will find 3 large antique malls within a half mile to feed your need for old stuff.

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