Historic Church with World Ties

Canterbury Stones

In 1887, John Jacob Astor, offered Bishop Hare the gift of a church of permanent character, useful, and not so expensive as to be a burden. Astor asked the bishop to secure land for the church and rectory which he would build and would furnish the chancel, pews, heating system, communion plate and organ. The location chosen was the entire frontage of Main Ave, between 13th & 14th streets in Sioux Falls. The church would be called the Church of St. Augusta.

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Things to Do in SuFu: Cherapa Place

Cherapa Place Building

You can easily spend an entire afternoon at Cherapa Place. The area has a little bit of everything. There’s an area where you can walk along beautifully manicured prairie, the Sioux Falls Arc of Dreams, and it’s conveniently located next to the river walk.

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Best Spots for a First Date

Couple enjoying tea

It’s quite a challenge to find the perfect spot for a first date. You don’t want to spend too much money, but you want a place that’s enjoyable. You want to appear sophisticated, but not snobby. I’ve been there and done that. Here’s the places I recommend for that special first date in Sioux Falls.

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