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Things to Do in SuFu: Visit Antique Row

Sioux Falls has its share of antique stores spread across the city. But if you’re looking to get a large amount of antique shopping done in a short amount of time, head to the southern tip of the city near Interstate 29 and 271st Street. There, you will find 3 large antique malls within a half mile to feed your need for old stuff.

Dakota Plains Antiques and Collectibles

This place looks like it doesn’t have much to offer from the outside, but once inside, each section is packed tight with a wide variety of Antiques from postcards to old farm equipment.

The place is surprisingly “kid friendly”, with a wide selection of toys like Hot Wheels, Lincoln Logs, and Tinker Toys you can purchase to relive your childhood days with your own kids. The helpful folks who work here even had free marbles for our child to pick out and play with to keep her occupied while the adults shopped.

Each section is packed pretty tight and great items might be hidden behind other items. If you dig deep into each section, you’re sure to find some treasures.

Picker’s Flea Market Antique and Collectibles

Picker’s has a new and spacious building for antique shoppers.

Right next door to Dakota Plains is Picker’s Flea Market Antique and Collectibles. Picker’s used to be located near 41st and Louise, but they recently moved to their new location on 271st Street. Since the location is new, it’s very clean and spacious with plenty of room to walk. It’s not packed as tightly with items like the other antique malls. Something that is sure to change over time.

You’re sure to find tons of sports memorabilia, old toys, and kitchenware. They also have a large area up front that features quite an array of antique furniture.

Picker’s was also “kid-friendly” as there was way more room for a toddler to roam without worrying about them accidentally breaking an item. They also had free Dum-Dum suckers up front!

I-29 Antiques & Collectibles

Shortly up 271st Street to the West, we cross into the suburb of Tea, SD to pull into the gravel parking lot of I-29 Antiques & Collectibles, a place where you could spend half your day sifting through everything they have. My family spent almost an hour just sifting through just the old statues and gas station signs they had outside of the building alone. Once inside, there is a seemingly endless selection of antiques so big that even the bathrooms have items for sale in them.

The selection of antiques at I-29 Antiques & Collectibles is so large, it spills outside of the building.

After sifting through the old glassware, figures, and collectibles in once section of the store, we realized there was an entire other section of the store to explore. We actually had to come back another day to finish.

Sioux Falls is filled with great antique shops in other parts of the city. But if you’re looking for a large inventory that can be browsed in one short afternoon, this small antique mall strip is the way to spend your afternoon.