Shop at the 2024 Candlelight Rummages

Save up your money and prepare to shop at this year’s Candlelight Rummages. Once again, the Candlelight Rummages will offer the wide variety of vendors offering everything from local artisans selling handmade jewelry and pottery to antique dealers with vintage finds. There will also be food trucks! The sale is located South of 57th Street … Read more

The Tallest Buildings in Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls Skyline Header

Sioux Falls isn’t known for its tall buildings. But it’s certainly interesting to know which are the tallest. After some research, I have compiled this list. #1 Cathedral of St. Joseph With its spires standing 215 feet tall, the Cathedral of St.Joseph is the tallest building in Sioux Falls. Some argue that the spires don’t … Read more

How to Find Storm Drain Locations

Storm Drain Header

When snow or leaves are covering the streets, it can make them hard to find the exact location of storm drains. Fortunately, the City of Sioux Falls provides a tool for finding locations of storm drains. If you’re looking for a storm drain you’d like to clear around to allow proper water drainage, head over … Read more

Historic Church with World Ties

Canterbury Stones

In 1887, John Jacob Astor, offered Bishop Hare the gift of a church of permanent character, useful, and not so expensive as to be a burden. Astor asked the bishop to secure land for the church and rectory which he would build and would furnish the chancel, pews, heating system, communion plate and organ. The location chosen was the entire frontage of Main Ave, between 13th & 14th streets in Sioux Falls. The church would be called the Church of St. Augusta.

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